Monday, February 22, 2010

Needle Tatting needles and two books to give away ..


These are the cover of two needle tatting books that is one plastic envelope and each also comes with one tatting needle, size (?)  and I also have two needle tatting needles seperate from the books, these two needles are each in a long tube with a needle treader.. One is a size #3.0 and the other needle is a size #7 fine. I

I would like to send the books and the two needle packages to just one person.. USA I will do the shipping in a manilla envelope.. if over seas, may need a lttle help in shipping due to postal pricing and with being in the hospital plus pills, a little short on the money.
Just email me if it is something that you will make use of and not sell...
I will send to the first one..


  1. It's me!! I was just the other day looking at some books in JoAnn's but didn't buy. May I please? Would gladly help with postage. You sweet girl! :)

  2. just thought i'd stop by and say hello.....hope life is treating you a little better...sending you prayers and hugs....

  3. I hope and pray that your health will get better soon! Sounds like you have had enough going on in your life! Love your CQ block. Sometimes it is better to keep hands busy instead of worry. Leave it up to God and trust with all of your heart. Happy Easter!

  4. This is one thing In ever tried Would really love to :)