Monday, February 22, 2010

home from hospital.

Hello everyone! Thought I would share what I just wrote in my email post to my sister:

"I was in the hospital for a couple days, just got home yesterday... the chest pain was not my heart but instead my  Esophagus keeps twisting itself... Also my legs are giving out on me and the upper part of my legs both hurt... The test they did on my leg veins show that in the right leg the veins is very clogged and the left is clogged but not as bad... so they are probably going to have me come back in and they will do stents in both legs...
ON my twisting Esophagus, they are going to send me to specialist and have them do (well not exactly sure what it is called sis), but will be like putting two popsicle sticks one on each side of my Esophagus, to keep it from twisting... As far as when this all happens. you know how the patient is the last to know... hopefully sometime this week... 
When my  Esophagus does twist, the pain is unreal... I have to take Viacadin here at home, but in the hospital they gave me Morphine shots... If it gets to bad here at home, then I will  have to go back to the hospital so that they can give me Morphine... I am just praying that that won't happen and I can stay home till time to do the stents or surgery on my Esophagus..." 
Other then above I am doing great... plan to do some CQing on a most beautiful red color study block for a round robin from the Newby CQ yahoo group I am in... That fabrics she used are awesome... velvet, satins, lace.. oh my.. I got to really up grade my work on this one...  

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