Saturday, January 23, 2010

Psalm 119:105

Last night I was reading in my Woman's Daily reading and this passage from the Bible struck out at me, grabbed me by my heart and said this was ment for me to remember and share...

Psalm 119:105
"Your word is a lamp to my feet
     and a light for my path"

When I think of this, I feel so warm and safe, knowing that the light of my Heavenly Father is shinning if front of me, I just need to follow his path for my life!

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

hello and new diary

Hello everyone!  I wanted to show you my diary cover... my really good friend, Jessica made this for me last year... I know I am late in showing it off, but isn't it amazing... a notebook that is removable so I can put another one it is is inside. and it keeps closed with the pen that goes thru the loops.. Isn't it awesome!

For what started out a ruff day ended up a great day after all! I am going to share something with you all of such a stupid thing I did... Yesterday I took out my bottom teeth, yea I have dentures... any way I took them out an put them in a paper bowl and then put some kleenex on top and threw them into the burn GARBAGE! Yea, you read right, the burn garbage of of course my hubby did his hubby thing this morning and burned the garbage and my teeth! They melted like you would not believe and with the expression of one tooth that the bottom of the tooth was still there... but other then that a melted, tangled mess!!! 

I had to go today (thank you dentist) and get fitted for another set... will take about 3 weeks to get a whole new set... I will scan my melted mess and show you another time... am thinking of making into a beaded pin... as a reminder!

I have lots of leftoverr Caron Simply Soft (which is my favorite yarn to make prayer shawls with) so I found a pattern that I can make using up the leftover colors to make on multi color shawl...

will post pictures later...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Judy Skeel's doll

When I was in Ohio several years ago to attend AFIC ( all doll making converence.. I spent a few days before hand with Dot and not only did she treat me to my first deep fried pickles (Yummo big time!!!!!) Never found them anywhere by where I live since! :0(  ...

Dot also took me over to Judy Skeel's home and studio... for someone who isn't in the doll pattern, classes, awesome doll makes, you should go looke Judy up on the internet... amazing doll maker and teacher!!! Judy let me pick out one of her pieced dolls she had made that were in a basket as a gift!!!! I wanted to make sure I got with one of her amazing hand done faces!!! Now I have finally dug it out and am working on covering the seams with ribbons and trim, then I will do some embordery work plus do some beading around the outer edge of her face and am thinking of also doing beaded hair for her...

I am doing much better... walking a little slowely without a walker... doing some leg exersises to strengthen my legs and really praising God for his miracles, for his strength and for his love!!! Withou him in my life, I would be nothing! I am so truly blessed as we all are!

Feeling the touch of God is so warm and so real!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Morning and new ornament

Good Morning everyone! Had a little time before my home health nurse came, wanted to drop a line and let everyone know how very much I have needed and felt your prayers!!! I am so doing so much better. 

Above is a ornament I did before I went into the hospital... the directions called for size 11 beads, but when I bought the book and the beads (with the owners help) I didn't know there was 15's and 11's or other sizes, so I brought home the wrong size... But with the money I had spent on the beads, I was determine to use them...

I added a long fringe and found a perfect ornament at the store the hold it.... All and all, I am very happy with it! I love making ornaments and hope to thru out this year make up some different scenic ornaments as Christmas gifts, plus for my own tree...

Well, best I better close, she should be here any moment!
hugs to all,

Friday, January 8, 2010

home from hospital...

What a joyous moment ... to walk into my front door of my home after a 8 day stay in the hospital! Seems as if my kidneys decided to shut down... but with great doctors and first and formost God's strength I am home and my kidneys are working again!!! I will need to keep a close watch on my kidney by going to a kidney clinic and doctor to have them checked out often.... watch the soduim , water I drink and any weight gain  I may have.. but I AM HOME!

My hands are itching to stich! LOL
hugs to all,