Thursday, December 3, 2009

girl talk!

Yesterday I enjoyed 45 minutes of just plain ol "girl talk" ! Went to go get my much needed hair cut and the hairdresser was running about 45 minutes late... since I really didn't  have anything I needed to do, I jusst sat in the waiting area and visited with the other ladies... Girl talk... hmm... I can't remember when I last had this....
We atlked about Christmas, our grandkids, cutting of hair and of course shopping! It was so fun!!!

Am working of a beaded ornament... what a nightmare it has been and will show it in my next note.... I was so new to beading that I took it for granite that the lady helping me knew what she was doing... no! instead of size 11 beads I ended up with size 15's... I didn't know the difference.... I just bought the book and said would you help me pick ot the beads...  a half hour later and $100. 00 worth of beads, I walked out feeling great....

But am managing to complete it adding a fringe and a different size and shape Christmas bulb... Would like to try the ornament again later, but will definetly use the size 11 beads!

Got our Christmas tree up, it is so beautiful... almost all homemade ornaments from my on line friends, swaps and family and ones I have made.. It is so beautiful!!!

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  1. Hi Veleta
    So good to see you back blogging! Caught up with our mutual friend Doreen this week when she was visiting from Sydney. And we were talking about you and how much we missed you. So sorry to hear you have been so unwell. You have had a hard year with your health.
    Thanks for your lovely comment you left on my blog today. You say the nicest things!
    Look forward to seeing some of your art very soon.
    Dot xx